MILESTONES 1991 - 2000

Air rescue in the GDR

Unterzeichnung des Vertrags zur Etablierung einer Luftrettung in der DDR

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we sign a contract with the first freely elected government on August 17, 1990 to set up air rescue services in the GDR. Together with the East German authorities, our subsidiary DRF and ADAC set up 11 air rescue centers. After reunification, however, the German government declares the contract null and void and the cooperation is dissolved. However, the federal government was unable to establish an air rescue service on its own and commissioned the DRF with the Dresden Air Rescue Center. This is followed by the centers for Zwickau, Greifswald, Chemnitz, Suhl, Bad Berka and Halle.

First public air rescue center in eastern Germany


On the basis of an agreement with the Saxon state government, Siegfried Steiger and the DRF open the first public air rescue center in the new federal states on August 1, 1991 at the Heinrich Braun Hospital in Zwickau. The DRF thus creates the conditions for air rescue in the new federal states in line with West German standards.

Development of the new “EOS” control center strategy


EOS - the Operation Optimization Control System - is based on a central control centre with which rescue helicopters, aircraft, ambulances, etc. exchange data via a satellite communication system. This means that all rescue vehicles and facilities throughout Germany can be reached at any time. Conversely, data such as the current position, deployment status or arrival time at the emergency site can also be transmitted from the rescue vehicles. It is also possible to transmit data to the receiving hospital. EOS offers a new dimension of operational flexibility and considerably shortens response times.

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